Working Pages for Group B

b.jpgEach of the four working groups will devote thirty minutes of discussion to each of the four themes of the summit.

The Wiki Recorder for Group One will enter notes directly into the working pages linked from here. Your Group Tweetist will keep the other groups apprised of the work in real time, and a facilitator will keep the group moving through the tasks.


Collect names and affiliations of your group members
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Teamwork: Brainstorming Properties of Physical Spaces

Participants will consider a number of physical spaces, thinking about what fosters a sense of community and connectedness, as well as what gets in the way of those feelings, for each space.

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Teamwork: Redesigning Online Spaces

Participants will consider their lists of qualities of spaces, and imagine ways to adapt them to the online learning experience.

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Teamwork: Developing Ideas

Discuss and develop the top-ranked ideas, capturing their thinking.
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